Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glen Beck , Google trends:

Top searched words and phrases for google for Aug 28, 2010

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10.     cy waits
11.     drake and nicki married
12.     sunset strip music festival
13.     huntington
14.     kanye west monster lyrics
15.     tahari
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17.     c span
18.     i have a dream speech
19.     cspan
20.     takers review

Glen Beck as you know is the Fox news correspondent (Formerly CNN) that clearly is delusional. Today, August 28, the same day Martin Luther King gave his I have a dream speech at Lincoln Memorial. He is going to be speaking there. He is quoted saying that "it will be a miracle" and compared himself to countless martyrs including Ghandi and Jesus. This is the same guy that totally dissed the health care system when he was in the hospital after his surgery, at the time still working for CNN. Though, when he moved to Fox news, he changed his views on it. Here's a couple videos.

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