Saturday, August 28, 2010

GoodNight All

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Glen Beck as you know is the Fox news correspondent (Formerly CNN) that clearly is delusional. Today, August 28, the same day Martin Luther King gave his I have a dream speech at Lincoln Memorial. He is going to be speaking there. He is quoted saying that "it will be a miracle" and compared himself to countless martyrs including Ghandi and Jesus. This is the same guy that totally dissed the health care system when he was in the hospital after his surgery, at the time still working for CNN. Though, when he moved to Fox news, he changed his views on it. Here's a couple videos.

Must Fap!?

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Not A Morning Person

I look like this

The Morning After

Me and my girlfriend are on a break right now, not a serious one, I just need some space because it seems like lately I haven't been doing much. It was supposed to be two weeks but it's only been two days and I'll probably start talking to her again today since she's going back to school soon and also I miss her. Sometimes I'm not sure if I really miss her or I just don't want to be lonely. She asked me if i was with her because it's convenient and it kindof started this whole thing. I got really mad, but she explained that since there are no other women around (my isolation) there isn't anything to test our relationship. I don't think it's true really, and I do care about her. There are questions though, about how serious we are. It's been about 9 months and counting.. counting..

Anyways, enough of that. That commercial for the Ben Afleck movie about bank robbers always get's my attention. He says "People wake up everyday and say they'll change their life, but they never do. It's time I change mine". Sometimes I feel like maybe I'm one of those people that will never get anywhere but I'm satisfied with the delusion that one day I will be. What do I have to do to change it? Rob a bank? I think about it sometimes.

Jon Dore is on television

I start the begining of my entry with a story of 1942. We were storming the front of Ron Burgandy, the chaps were wild and they fired at us with violent aranatangs. Days flew by and so did the arm grenade that flew into my lap. At that moment I decided to Chris Tucker. After we won that war, I decided to return to my best friends Drake and nicki minaj and we visited fallen soldier in the hospital, his name was tommy john and he was in surgery. Some asshole named Pete benthune bayonetted him in the eye and he died and was being treated for wounds. I came home to the bank of america online banking and started to bank some stuff. Quickly, I decided to turn on the news and saw that the texas highschool football team scores again and won, quarterback was named nicole john. Luna vachon and I decided to go back to bank of america online and celebrate drake and nicki married. mlg.. i mean lol, sorry typo.

anyways, that's my story, i might hit up lincoln memorial later and see kasen williams there and have a coffee and whatnot. it feels like a while since i've been out. rashard mendenhall is said to be a mlg pro in bofa and albinism. That being said, I will depart with these words for my first blog entry. I have never read mein kampf but i have watched mine taylor swift video and am not looking forward to two moons on august 27 .

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